Modern Innovation Symbiosis is in the business of encompassing the State of the Art Technology in Biofuel (Renewal Energy) Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Chemical industries.

Our specialization is in bringing the two Innovative and dynamic enterprising interests together

The Genuine Buyer and the proven Technology Seller.
The Buyer who is looking for New Technologies.
The Seller who is looking for Innovative Buyer.

Our strength is in identifying the Buyer and the Seller and completing the business deal in the most profitable way so that both the Buyer and Seller are benefited all the way.

Our Group work concept to planning to execution of the project. We design, engineer and construct. We are experts in managing risks. We market products and services to achieve the highest return in minimum time.

Our worldwide network of contacts with all core industries in as mentioned above goes a long way in absorbing and providing the end users unmatched sense of satisfaction and achievement of the enterprising goals set from time to time.

Our Group specializes in bringing together partners, investors and finances to build and complete various engineering projects and its outlay on merit and approval.

Our specialization and expertise are :

To identify prospective buyers and seller, to render liaison services between them, to arrange techno-commercial offers and quotations of the prospective/proposed projects  between Buyer and Seller and to help conclusion of contracts between them and to prepare projects and project ideas, and to prepare project profiles and reports, market research and feasibility studies and reports, pre-investment studies and investigation of industries and to undertake appropriate services to facilitate conclusion of contractual obligations of the prospective buyers and sellers.

To render services for supply of proven technologies and Innovations , to execute all turnkey project engineering jobs, to  bring together and mobilise quality manpower, technologies and site installations and commissioning and site subcontract work, to integrate the technology plant from the OEMs, to take part in the management, supervision and control of and Trial Runs of the new technology plants and safe handing over of the technology plants to the end buyer.

To engage in and carry on the business, or profession of project management consultants, Project Developers, advisor and render services relating to various projects encompassing food, beverage, pharma, chemicals, Industrial, Biotechnology, Biofuels and other technologies and innovations of various approved and proven technologies Suppliers worldwide, on all matters and problem relating to administration, management, organisation, control, planning, manufacture, engineering, legal, production, storage, process, systems, techniques, training of personnel, marketing, distributing, selling, research; and develop procedures and principles of, and engage in information;

To undertake, aid, promote and coordinate project studies, identification, implementation, collaboration, extend technical assistance and service, prepare, schemes, project reports, market research and studies, arrange, suggest and make agreements, feasibilities studies, appraisals, estimates and reports, search designs, calculations, layout plans, sketches, Engineering drawings, specifications, documents, material and equipment evaluation and procurements, inspection, testing, supervision, cost control and operating procedures;

To render liaison service between the Buyer and Seller and to arrange techno-commercial offers and quotations of the prospective/proposed projects  between Buyer and Seller, to collect and disburse payment on behalf of Buyers and Sellers and to help conclusion of deals between them and to obtain permission from various government agencies, and to act as an employment consultant/agent, and to employ and retain consultants, professionals, advisers and experts.

To invent, develop, sale, purchase, supply, market, import, export and research on technologies related to all forms of bio-fuels and green fuels made from renewable natural processes including such as fame, faee, biogas, bioethanol, biobutanol and biodiesel for all the industries and to do all other activities connected therewith and to act as producers of all varieties and kinds of biotechnology products including extraction of oils, fuels, petroleum and petroleum products, diesel, cultivation, horticulture, floriculture etc.

Our motto is “Concept to Construction to Execution” and help finance and resources for all feasible engineering projects around the world.

You are a buyer then let us know what is the project and the technology you are looking for and our experts will work to seek adequate advices and answers to your goals.

You are a Seller / Proven Technology Provider. Do let us know what is your innovation and the symbiosis you are looking for to translate your technology to the enduser.

Our expertise and worldwide networking of State-of-the-Art Technology symbiosis will have answer to all your genuine queries and business needs.

Contact us with details. We assure you of great benefits all the way.