This is Modern Group of Companies, World-class producer of energy from renewable sources.  We are a fast growing State-of-the-Art Technology Company Designing, Engineering, Installing, Commissioning, Training and Servicing proven Alcohol, Ethanol and Bio-diesel plants. The turnkey plants executed and commissioned by us with proven technology  are in operation successfully worldwide. We have more than 400 plants in operation worldwide for various applications for the last more than 20 years.

We have the leading-edge manufacturing technology. We are known for the implementation of best-class improvised process yields and  effective cost-competitive operational performance. Our wide experience and expertise/specialization is in Evaporation, Concentration, Distillation, Drying and Spray Drying Technology for various applications. We take pride to claim that the Technologies adopted, encompassed and executed by us are  unique and the best in the world.

We have expertise and capability to deliver Alcohol and Ethanol plants for various Feedstock like Molasses, Grains to Corn including Rice, Wheat, Cane, Cane Juice, Cane Syrup,  Tubers-Cassava/Tapioca, Sugar-beet, Sweet Sorgam, Maize, Bajra, Cereal ,,,,,etc.  Biodiesel Plants from Jatropha.. and other feed stocks. 

The salient features of our plants: 

We have proven edge on other competing technology.  We are committed. We stand guarantee for agreed performance, economics of operations, faster Return of Capital,  efficient and trouble free running and very minimum maintenance of plant. Our technology includes total solution to alcohol, Ethanol and biodiesel production including a high-tech effluent zero discharge system.

We are interested in associating with your esteemed Organization, Associates and Consultants for all your future turnkey projects for Alcohol and Biofuels worldwide.  We are well equipped to mobilize our Technologies worldwide.

You will appreciate the fact that we believe in parting the Highlights of Technologies, Technical Leaflets and further website details only to authentic and serious proposals at appropriate stages as the discussion progresses.  This helps the company in better time management and focus only on genuine proposals.

Just send us a email to contact you.   We will do the rest for you.  However, we would be thankful to you if you could forward to us through email your  long and short terms biofuel plans. Also, a technical inquiry if possible from you stating the details of your immediate Biofuel projects and also your upcoming projects mentioning specifically the  Proposed Feed stock and Capacity of each of the Plants.  These details from you will help us if forwarding the right technology material to you from time to time.

We also request all interested and serious buyers to give us an appointment for a technical meeting/presentation to enable us to answer all the  technical queries/doubts of your technical team. An opportunity for a meeting with you shall give us an opportunity to highlight  the greater details of our Technologies.  We assure that  you will be impressed with the strong features of our proven unique State-of-the-Art Technology for Biofuel plants offered and executed by us successfully worldwide.