Import and Exports of variety of commodities ranging from fresh Natural Indian Mango Pulp and Guava Pulp, Spices and spice products meeting International standards and specifications for processing and packing.

Our strength lies in combined expertise in sourcing, procuring, processing and distribution of the right quality of fruits into pulps and spice produces. Utmost care is taken while selecting farm fresh fruits and spices from the finest orchards, farms and other growing centers in India.

We process these Natural fresh fruits and spices to customer specifications and supply as 'Ready to Use' products. We also act as a strong sourcing partner for fruit products and spices and spice products for buyers across the world.

Modern Commodities processing standards and systems is designed to meet International parameters set for food safety and hygiene. Elaborate and extensive control procedures are developed and implemented into the process operations.

The final products and produces are carefully cleaned
   to eliminate all foreign particles.
Controlled High Temperature Hot Water and Steam treated    to minimize microbial Count.
Passed through metal detectors and a magnetic field to
   remove ferrous and non ferrous metallic impurities.
Fluidized drying to overcome excessive moisture
   after steam treatment.
Subjected to controlled hot air for final drying.

Advantages of Modern Commodities Processing System

Preserves natural taste, colour, flavour,
   fragrance and virginity of products
Conserves essential oil levels
• Enhances product quality at optimal temperature
   and moisture levels
More quick, efficient and cost effective
Product traceability
• Products processed under strict supervision meeting
   high quality Hygiene standards.
Processing Factories are conferred with ISO 9001:2000
   and HACCP certified by BVQI/competent authorities
Organics certified by BVQI/competent authorities.
• IPQC In-Process Quality Control certification by
   Export Inspection Agency of India.
Spice House Certificate by Spices Board India.
Registered as Approved Export House by the
   Government of India.

We are completely committed to meet specifications and quality standards proposed and demanded by the International Buyer. At our laboratory a wide range of tests prescribed by the food law administrators of buyer countries are conducted with accuracy conforming to ASTA, AOAC, EU & ISO guidelines. Special tests like pesticides, heavy metals and aflatoxin are outsourced.

Range of Products

Modern Commodities has a vast range of products from Natural Fruit Pulps from Mango varieties like Alphonso, Totapuri, Raspuri and Neelam to Guava (White and Pink) to Seed spices like pepper, fennel, fenugreek, cumin, coriander, celery, dill seed etc to tropical spices like chilly, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg, cardamom etc.,
We conduct regular quality research to consistently upgrade and add to its lists of exports, new produces and new products for Global consumption.

Technical Specification Sheet for each Product in Fruit Pulps and Spices are ready and available for reference.

Organic Spices from Farm products

Considering the rapidly growing demand for organic spices and farm products in developed countries, we are active in the field of procurement, processing and distribution of organic spices and spice produces.

Packed to perfection

Finished products are packed as per customer International standards and specifications.

The storage of products is mostly done in the company approved warehouses which are designed to maintain product quality and virginity, assuring optimum food safety.